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References to 'submission' on the CMS Portal, and in related documentation, refer to the process of electronically filing a document through the portal and should not be confused with other definitions related to 'submission' in a legal context.  

Reference numbers:  

The CMS Portal contains two reference fields:

  • A reference number is added when adding the details of the legal representative. This number applies to the entire case and is visible on the Parties tab when viewing a case. 
  • My Reference is the first field when filing a document. The reference added in this field is unique to the filing and is visible on the Filings tab in the My Account menu. 

File formats:  

The portal currently only accepts PDF.  


Download the forms to lodge, complete and save as PDF.  

Continue to visit wherever you download from, create or source documents, such as the MCV, ChCV or VOCAT websites.   

If you are a member of an organisation using the portal, you may continue to access forms from your organisation's document management system.    

Case number:  

You may also need the court provided case number.  

Payment methods:  

The portal currently only accepts credit cards and debit cards.  

Mandatory fields:  

Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.  

Search cases:  

If the relevant case does not display, adjust the search criteria, and click: Submit OR to reset all fields, click: Clear. 

Filing status: 

The live status of a file will show: 

  • Accepted status have been reviewed and approved, or automatically approved by the CMS Portal 
  • Pending Review status have not been reviewed by registry staff yet. 
  • Rejected status have been rejected by registry staff 

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