Add user

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Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. 

1. Click: Organisation Administration  
The Organisation Administration screen displays. 


2. Click: Manage Users 
The List tab within the People screen displays.  


3. Click: + Add User 
The People screen displays. 


4. Enter the user information: 

  • E-mail: Type email for relevant user.  

The e-mail address entered will be used in the CMS Portal to log-in and receive automated notifications.  

  • Confirm e-mail address: Type e-mail address again.  
  • Status: Select Blocked.   

Note: Setting the account to Blocked prompts the user to acknowledge the CMS Portal terms and conditions upon account activation.  

  • Type of User: Select the relevant option.  
  • Organisation: The name of your Organisation displays.  
  • First name: Type the first name of the user.  
  • Surname: Type the surname of the user.  
  • Unique ID Number: Type a value to use as a unique identifier for the user.  
  • This number must be provided to the user to enter on account activation.  
  • Secondary Email Address for All Notifications: Type an email address to use for receiving copies of notifications, in addition to the user's e-mail address. This is optional.  
  • Secondary Email Address for Rejections: Type an email address to use for receiving copies of rejections, in addition to the user's e-mail address. This is optional. 
  • Mobile Number for SMS Notifications: Type a mobile number to receive SMS notifications. 
  • Phone Number: Type the user's preferred contact number. 
  • Fax: Type the user's fax number. 
  • Division: Type the user's division within your organisation, if applicable. 
  • Employee Identifier: If applicable, type the Employee Identifier used internally by your organisation. 


5. Click: I'm not a robot 
A pop-up box appears.  


6. Click: Create new account 
A confirmation message displays and the user is sent an email notifying them of the account creation with an activation link. 


7. Provide the user with the Unique ID Number for their account. This must be entered by the user as part of the account activation process. 

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