Modify or block user

Download the Quick Reference Guide here - 

Note: Users are sent a system generated notification email when their account is blocked. 


1. Click: Organisation Administration  
The Organisation Administration screen displays. 


2. Click: Manage Users 
The List tab within the People screen displays a list of users in your organisation.  


3. OPTIONAL step: To search for a specific user, click: User Search By Profile. Select the relevant Profile Field from the drop-down box and input a Profile Value (e.g. a specific surname), then click: Search.  


4. OPTIONAL step: To filter users by a specific field, click: Advanced. Select the relevant Field (e.g. Permission) from the drop-down box then click: Continue. Select the relevant Operator from the drop-down box (these will differ based on the field you selected). Complete the Data field - depending on the option you selected you will either input the relevant information into a text field or select an option from a drop-down box. Click: Filter.  


5. Click: Edit in the Operations column for the relevant user. 
My Account screen displays the relevant user's account details in the Profile tab. 


6. Modify: To modify a user's information, click: Personal Information, make the relevant updates then click: Save.  
A confirmation message displays: The changes have been saved. 


7. Block: To block a user's account, click: Blocked under Status then click: Save. 
A confirmation message displays: User will be required to change their password the next time they log in. The changes have been saved. 

Note: Changes to user accounts status and roles can be done in bulk. To make bulk changes, from the People screen, select the relevant users and use the menu in the Update Options panel to make the desired change. 



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