CMS Portal Forms

Three form categories have been identified for filing via the CMS Portal:   

  1. Case Initiation
  2. Subcase
  3. Document

Subcase is a new category that has been introduced with CMS Portal. Generally, documents that have been categorised as Subcase are applications that are for an existing case, but are determined on their own.

Please refer to the forms category to confirm if the document/application you would like to file is a Subcase.

Smart Forms

There are four online smart forms which can be filed without the need to pre-prepare the document:

  1. Complaint
  2. Application for Order in Default of Defence
  3. Summons to attend for Oral Examination
  4. Warrant to Seize Property

Once the user/filer has successfully completed filing, CMS Portal will generate the document as a PDF, which will either be automatically issued or sent to a Registrar to review and issue.

Please note: These processes may require, or have an option to, file additional documents at the same time. 

Filing Forms 

Refer to the CMS Portal Forms List for the list of forms that can be uploaded via CMS Portal -

Forms that can be filed in the portal prior to filing will have to be pre-prepared before uploading.

There are user-friendly templates of some documents available on the Magistrates' Court of Victoria Form Finder -

Other forms

There are some forms that cannot be filed via the CMS Portal. Those documents will need to be filed with the appropriate venue directly.


Other helpful links on the MCV website relating to Civil matters include:


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