Request access to case

Download the Quick Reference Guide here - 

Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. 


1. Click Magistrates' Court of Victoria.  
The MCV Select a Case Type screen displays. 


2. Click: CIVIL 
The Civil screen displays.  


3. Click: REQUEST CASE ACCESS under Options.  
The Case Access Search screen displays. 


4. Complete a Case Access Search, using one or more of the fields: 

  • Court Location: Select the relevant Court Location. 
  • Case Number: Type the relevant Case Number. 
  • Last Name: Type the Last Name of the relevant party. 
  • First Name: Type the First Name of the relevant party. 
  • Case Type: Select the relevant Case Type. 
  • Organisation Name: Type your Organisation Name. 
  • Trading as Name: Type the name your organisation is trading as. 


5. Click: I'm not a robot 
A pop-up box appears.  


6. Select all images matching the request.  


7. Click: Search 
Results matching the search criteria display. 


8. Click: Request Access link under the ACTION column for the relevant case.  
The Request Case Access screen displays in a new tab. 


9. Complete the Request Case Access fields: 

  • My Reference field: A system generated reference will display. This can be replaced by any reference useful for plaintiff or legal representation to locate and identify the filing.     
  • Message: Type any relevant information in support of requesting access. 


10. If appropriate, select the box to acknowledge that you are an eligible user who should be able to access the case. 

Note: Only select this box if you should have access to this case, in accordance with the Case Management System End User License Terms and Conditions. The terms of use can be viewed in the Quick Links menu on the CMS Portal home page. 


11. Click: Proceed 
Your request is submitted, and the Confirmation of Filing displays. 


12. You will receive a confirmation email (Case Access Notification for CMS Portal) when granted access. 


13. Click on the link in the email to active your access.  
A confirmation of access message displays and the case is now accessible in the Cases tab within the My Account screen.  

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