Reset two-factor authentication

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In the event that you have changed your email, mobile device or phone numbers, you will need to reset Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your CMS Portal account.

1. Request your Organisation Administration user (or an alternate administrator if you are also an Organisation Administration user) to send an email to from their registered CMS Portal account email. In the email, provide the following:

  • The user's registered CMS Portal account email
  • The user's full name details as submitted for enrolment
  • The user's Unique Identification Number (Column C) as submitted for enrolment 


  • If you are a sole practitioner or the only Organisation Administration user in your practice, please make sure to mention this in your email.
  • If the Organisation Administration user cannot provide the required enrolment details, the CMS Support Team will request further information to confirm your identity to proceed with the 2FA request. 


2. The CMS Support Team will validate your details and process the request. Once reset, you will receive an email to confirm this.


3. At your next log in to the CMS Portal, you will be required to go through the 2FA registration process again. Follow step 4 onwards from the Activate your CMS Portal account instructions.


This page was last updated: Tuesday 11 July 2023 - 7:49am