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Download the Quick Reference Guide here - 

Note: Ensure a document has been filed on a case and your account has access to the case. If you don't already have access you will need to request it.  


1. Click: My Account 
The My Account screen displays. 


2. Click: Cases 
The Cases tab displays within the My Account screen. A list of cases that you have access to display at the bottom of the screen. If the relevant case is visible, skip to step 5. 


3. If the case isn't visible, complete a case search, using one or more of the Search Case fields: 

  • Case Number: Type the full or partial case number registered in the CMS. 
  • Case Name: Type a full or partial name associated with the case. 
  • First Name: Type a party first name associated with the case. 
  • Last Name: Type a party surname associated with the case. 
  • Organisation Name: Type an organisation name associated with the case. 
  • Case Type: Select the case jurisdiction type. 
  • Court: Select a court location the case was registered with. 
  • Status: Select the current case status from the options provided. 
  • Filing Date: Select filing date period using the calendar icons. 


4. Click: Submit 
Search results display at the bottom of the page.  


5. Click the relevant Case Number.  

The Case Summary screen displays.  


6. Select the Documents tab. 
The Documents tab displays.  

Note: Clicking on the plus icon will display a list of associated documents filed. 


7. Click the Document icon for the relevant document in the Download column.   
The document downloads. 

Note: Where the document has downloaded to will depend on the operating and browser used, but to start check for a downloads folder.  

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