Run filings report

Download the Quick Reference Guide here - 

1. Click: Organisation Administration 
The Organisation Administration screen displays. 


2. Click: Filings Report 
The Filings Report screen displays. 


3. Click: Search 
The Filings Report search screen displays. 


4. Complete a search using one or more of the Filings Report fields: 

  • My Reference: Type the case reference assigned to the case. 
  • Case / Record Number: Type the case/record number assigned to the case. 
  • Submitted by (Email): Type the email address of person who submitted the case.  
  • Filing Status: Select a file status from the options provided. 
  • Filing Date From: Select filing date range. 
  • Filing Date To: Select filing date range. 


5. Click: Search 
The relevant cases appear at the bottom of the screen. Reports can be sorted by different fields - single or multiple fields can be selected. 


6. Click: Download to download results. 
The results will download as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Note: A maximum of 1000 records can be downloaded at a time.  


7. Save the file as per your internal processes and naming convention.  

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