Other FAQ

How can we prepare for the introduction of CMS Portal?

We've put together a CMS Portal Business Readiness Checklist of resources and actions to help you and your colleagues get a better understanding of CMS Portal and help prepare for its implementation.


Will courts be completely paperless?

Introducing CMS Portal will gradually help us eliminate the need for a paper court file.  We are working towards progressively reducing the need for paper as we continue to rollout CMS across other jurisdictions.


Is CMS Portal secure?

As a case management system used in multiple courts in Australia and the United States, security is built-in as part of the system's design. Further to the system's in-built security features, the portal's security is periodically validated through an independent testing regime. The combination of the system's design, coupled with periodic testing, helps to ensure information lodged and accessed through the portal is appropriately protected.


What happens to eDocs with the introduction of CMS Portal?

With regards to the civil jurisdiction, eDocs portal will switch to read-only when CMS Portal starts being used. This will allow people to access previous submissions made through eDocs. 

Once all jurisdictions are using CMS Portal, the eDocs Portal will close down.


What happens to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the introduction of CMS Portal?

EDI will no longer be available for the filing of civil documents.  The current four documents filed via EDI third party systems will be undertaken through CMS Portal. Please refer to updates on the MCV website (https://www.mcv.vic.gov.au/for-lawyers/electronic-filling-civil-documents) or contact your EDI Service Provider for more information.


Does the filing fee get charged to the credit card upon lodgement or acceptance filing?

They payment is taken at the time of lodgement. If a documrejected, then the party will go through a refund process. When re-lodging the document, the fee will need to be paid again. 


What do we do if the CMS goes down after go live?

Were the CMS to become unavailable for any substantial amount of time a contingency reponse will be implemented where all filings will need to be handed over at the proper venue. 

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