Key Terms

This is not an extensive list, and we will continue to add to it. Terms are listed alphabetically.


Filing status

There are four filing statuses in CMS Portal:

  • Accepted - the filing has been automatically approved or has been reviewed by registry staff and approved.
  • Partially Accepted - the filing has been reviewed by registry staff and has been partially accepted. In this situation the lead document on the filing has been accepted, but one or more supporting document has been rejected.
  • Pending Review - the filing is waiting to be reviewed by registry staff.
  • Rejected - the filing has been reviewed by registry staff and rejected.


Reference numbers

CMS Portal contains two reference fields:

  • A reference number is added when adding the details of the legal representative. This reference applies to the entire case and is visible on the Parties tab when viewing a case.
  • My Reference is the first field when filing a document. The reference added in this field is unique to the filing and is visible on the Filings tab in the My Account menu. It also shows in filings reports that organisation admins can generate.



A subcase is a new category introduced with CMS Portal. This is one of three form categories for filing (case initiation, subcase and document).

Generally, documents that have been categorised as a subcase are applications that are for an existing case but are determined on their own. Applications for Order in Default of Defence are available through the add document option and are not a subcase document. Please refer to the CMS Portal Forms List on the Forms page to check if the document/application you need to file is a subcase.


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