File amended document

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  • If you require fee reimbursement for an amended document, you will need to file request in person at the relevant Registry.
  • All amended documents are subject to court review. The filer will receive an email notification advising whether the filing has been accepted or rejected.
  • Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. 


1. Click: File on One of My Cases 
The Cases tab displays within the My Account screen. A list of cases that you have access to display at the bottom of the screen. If the relevant case is visible, skip to step 4. 


2. If the case isn't visible, complete a case search, using one or more of the Search Case fields: 

  • Case Number: Type the case number registered in the CMS. 
  • Case Name: Type a party name associated with the case. 
  • First Name: Type a party first name associated with the case. 
  • Last Name: Type a party surname associated with the case. 
  • Organisation Name: Type an organisation name associated with the case. 
  • Case Type: Select the case jurisdiction type. 
  • Court: Select a court location the case was registered with. 
  • Status: Select the current case status from the options provided. 
  • Filing Date: Select filing date period using the calendar icons. 


3. Click: Submit 
Search results display at the bottom of the page.  


4. Click: File amended document link under the ACTION column for the relevant case.  

The Case Summary screen displays.  


5. Click: File Amended Document link under the ACTION column for the relevant subcase. 

The Add Filing screen displays.


6. Type a reference to identify the document being filed in the My Reference field.  


7. Complete the Add Amended Document fields: 

  • Code / Name: Start typing the document Code/Name and select relevant document from the list. This is an autofill field.  

If unsure of the document Code/Name, click the magnifying glass icon to open the search functionality. 


8. Click: Choose File and upload the relevant document to the case. 


9. Complete the Filed By fields: 

  • Filed by: Select the party filing the application. 
  • Representation: If the organisation has previously filed on this case, you can select it from the list of representatives. 

To add representation, click: Add Representation for Filed By (New Representation). Start typing the name of the organisation and select the correct option from the results. This is an autofill field.  

  • Filed Against: Select the party the application is filed against. 
  • Related Documents: You must select the original version of the document being amended.  
  • Related Hearings: Select related hearings date.  


10. Click: Proceed 

The Confirmation of Filing screen displays and an acknowledgement email is sent. 

Note: The filing status will show as Pending Review. Once actioned by registry staff, you will receive email confirmation of the outcome. 


11. OPTIONAL step:  

Click: View to see a record of the amended filing. 

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