Activate CMS Portal account

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Users will need their Unique Identification Number to activate their account. Once they are decided, please provide each user with their number.

When accounts are set up, each user will be sent an email from the CMS Portal with a unique link to activate their account. Please encourage users to do this ASAP - the link will expire after 45 days.

Activation process

1. Click the account activation link in the Welcome to the CMS Portal email sent to the email address linked to your CMS Portal Account. The Identify Verification screen displays.

Note: You may not be promoted to enter an Identity Verification number and accept terms and conditions. If prompted, your Identity Verification number is the profile_barNumber your organisation provided at registration.


2. Review the CMS Portal Terms of Use, then click: Set Password. The My Account screen displays.


3. Type a new password and click Save. A confirmation message displays: The changes have been saved.


4. The Register popup displays, for you to set up a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


5. Enter your registered CMS Portal email address and click Get Started - this is the first authentication method. The Verify email popup displays.


6. A one-time passcode (OTP) is sent to your nominated email account. Type this into the Enter the passcode field and click: Verify.


7. You will now need to set up your second authentication method - Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or OTP Over SMS.

Note: Both Google and Microsoft authenticators require you to download (and keep updated) a free application to your device. QR codes for these applications will only be displayed during the registration process.


8. Select which one you would like to use and click: Next. The Configure Authenticator or Configure OTP Over SMS popup displays. If you want to change your authenticator in the future, you will need to contact the CMS Support Team.


9. Configure Authenticator

  • Download then open the appropriate application. A passcode will display in the application.
  • Enter the passcode into the Configure Authenticator popup (step 3 field).
  • Click: Verify and Save. A confirmation message displays.


  • You will be prompted to verify your identity each time you log in.
  • Passcodes run out. You will need to make sure that you're entering the current (active) code.
  • Do not delete the CMS Portal account from the authenticator app or the authenticator app itself after registering for 2FA. In the event this happens you will need to contact the CMS Support Team.


10. Configure OTP Over SMS

  • Enter your mobile number you wish to register for 2FA. Click: Send OTP.
  • Enter the passcode into the Configure OTP over SMS popup.
  • Click: Validate OTP and Save. A confirmation message displays.


  • You will be sent an SMS with a passcode to enter each time you log in.
  • If you change your mobile number, you will need to contact the CMS Support Team to reset your 2FA.


11. The next time you log in, you can select I want to remember this device as you are logging in. Enter the passcode from your chosen authenticator and click: Verify.

This will reduce how often you need to enter a passcode to access CMS Portal. The next time you will be prompted for a passcode will be in 14 days or if you a different device and/or browser.

If you need to reset your 2FA, see Two-Factor Authentication reset process for instructions.


Organisation administration user: What to do if a user doesn't activate their account within 45 days

If a user fails to activate their account within the activation period (45 days), an Organisation Administration user can resend an account invitation email with a new activation link:

1. Once logged in, click: Organisation Administration


2. Click: Resend Account Invitation Email


3. Type the user's email address, then click: Search


4. Once the search result shows, click: Send



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