Navigate home screen and functionality

Download the Quick Reference Guide here - 

1. Home:

Click Home at any stage and this will return you to the CMS Portal Home screen.  


2. Hearing Search:  

Click Hearings Search to find hearings scheduled for today or future dates. 

Note: Only hearings for case types that have been integrated with the CMS Portal will display on this screen. Continue to check EFAS if the relevant case type has not been deployed in the CMS yet.  


3. Help Centre: 

Online support for external parties using CMS Portal. This includes quick reference guides and frequently asked questions. 


4. Contact Us:  

Click Contact Us for technical support for the CMS Portal and who to go to for procedural support.   

Note: We do not provide advice, comment on court or tribunal matters, or answer legal questions.   



1. Click Magistrates' Court of Victoria.  

2. Click CIVIL.  

3. Select the Case Type: File a complaint, File a civil application, Register an order for enforcement, Request case access or File on one of my cases.



1. File on One of My Cases: File on a case you already have access to in the CMS Portal.

2. My Account: Access activity related to your account, including drafted or filed documents, cases and hearing details.

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