Gender Equality Action Plan

The Court Services Victoria Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-25 represents our commitment and vision to build a more psychologically safe workplace culture that enhances inclusion and respect for everyone. It demonstrates our responsibility to embrace the principles of gender equality and translate them into action.

The Action Plan provides a road map for achieving gender equality and demonstrates Court Services Victoria's commitment to creating an inclusive, responsive, and accessible workplace, where diversity and differences are recognised and valued.

The six strategic themes of the Action Plan are:

  • Enable our employees to achieve their full potential by improving development opportunities and support practices
  • Foster a culture that supports a harassment-free workplace by responding to and preventing sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviours
  • Enhance objectivity and transparency in recruitment and promotion practices
  • Enable full participation of our employees by regularising flexible working arrangements for all
  • Achieve equal pay for equal work by understanding and addressing factors contributing to our gender pay gap
  • Effectively measure and monitor gender equality outcomes through improved data and insights.

Based on these six key strategies, the Plan outlines a program of measures that will be implemented across the Courts Group to progress towards workplace gender equality.

The CSV Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025 is available to download below.

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