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Strategic Plan

Victorian courts and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal have a clear and important responsibility to administer justice fairly, transparently, impartially and with integrity.

In doing so, they play a key role in promoting the safety and security of Victorian communities and contribute to social cohesiveness and economic prosperity by resolving disputes and deciding cases within a framework of excellence, timeliness and accessibility.

The courts and VCAT have an opportunity to lead Victoria's justice system to be innovative, forward-thinking and world leading. This vision is best achieved by working collectively and collaboratively.

Court Services Victoria provides the means to achieve this collective ambition by providing high-quality, responsive administrative services, and is accountable to Courts Council for doing so.

The Court Services Victoria Strategic Plan 2020-2025 sets out how courts, VCAT and Court Services Victoria will continue to deliver justice effectively and efficiently, and pursue innovative approaches to justice into the future supported by collaborative leadership and excellence in court administration. The plan connects the courts, VCAT and Court Services Victoria, while recognising, and continuing to maintain the independence of each.

Court Services Victoria commits to delivering on this strategy and working toward the Council's vision for world class administration of justice in Victoria.

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