Courts and VCAT Caseload Data

The caseload dashboard presents the latest available data across Victoria's court system.

Victoria's courts and VCAT collect data on their caseloads for many reasons, including to make operational decisions and report to government. 

This includes data on the number of cases commenced during a period, referred to as initiations, and those that have been completed, known as finalised. 

This also includes pending data, being the number of cases that have commenced at any time and are yet to be completed at the end of the month. At any given time, there are cases pending that are progressing through to completion subject to the practices of a specific court or VCAT. Timelines can vary depending on the type and complexity of a case. The life of a case may include preparing for a trial or hearing, participation in alternative dispute resolution, a referral to a specialist court or awaiting an outcome in another case. 

Court Services Victoria publishes caseload data quarterly via the interactive dashboard below, with data also available for download in Excel at the end of this page. 


Download the data - Courts and VCAT Caseload Data Tables to March 2024


Note: If the Tableau dashboard is appearing only as a static image, please check the Tableau website for further information on availability -


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