Dhumba Murmuk Djerring Artwork

Dhumba Murmuk Djerring
'Speaking and Working Together'

From the seeds of the Manna Gum sprouts a tall proud scar tree. In the Woi-Wurrung language, "Wurun' means 'Manna Gumtree' and 'Djeri' means the white grub that lives in the tree, the witchetty grub. The vibrant gum leaves represent Wurundjeri Country, the traditional lands on which the Dhumba Murmuk Djerring Unit is based on in the Kulin Nation.  

The carved shield symbolises justice and Cultural strengthening and safety and its ongoing significance with Aboriginal people today. This is represented through the Unit's position in Community and to Court Services Victoria acknowledging the important role it has within its governance structures.

The tree's far-spread roots represent the Unit's statewide connection and engagement with the Aboriginal Community and the Cultural support they provide. Four pathways come from the North, South, East and West signifying Dhumba Murmuk Djerring's collaboration with all jurisdictions and their inclusive reach.

The central circle signifies the morning sun and the Unit's daily engagement with Community-based networks. It also represents the ceremonial Gathering Place that is Naarm, the city known as Melbourne, home to Dhumba Murmuk Djerring. The Birrarung River, the river of mist and shadows known as the Yarra - runs through Naarm symbolised by gentle flowing waves around the circle. The Unit's team are also represented by the 'U' shapes respectfully sitting around this very traditional significant Meeting Place.

Two Elder's hands extend towards one another and the strong tree - the Koori Unit. They are the knowledge holders, the keepers of Culture - they are our teachers. They hold message sticks of language just as our ancestors did ... they are speaking and working together. They are Dhumba Murmuk Djerring.

Artist: Simone Thomson, Wurundjeri / Yorta-Yorta 


About the Artist

Simone Thomson is a Melbourne based fine artist, muralist and creative and is a descendant of Victoria's Woi-Wurrung and Yorta-Yorta language groups through her mother. She draws inspiration for her art through her spiritual connection to country and the rich colours and textures of the earth and sky, the source of many Aboriginal dreaming stories.

Simone attributes much of her cultural education to her early years in which she performed traditional song and dance in cultural dance troupes along with Worawa Aboriginal College. It's here she started painting, later becoming the school's first graduating student. She would go on to continue this sacred art of storytelling well into her adult years remaining strongly connected to her culture through the ancestral knowledge and oral history as passed down through her mother and grandmother. 

Simone is a Woi Wurrung/Wurundjeri and Yorta-Yorta Traditional Owner who has the privilege of residing on her traditional lands of Naarm. 

Simone is the daughter of Aunty Zeta Thomson, respected Wurundjeri and Yorta-Yorta Elder, Senior Leader and Knowledge Holder. Through her maternal grandfather - Simone is the great-granddaughter of Alexander McCrae Briggs, grandson of Billibelleary; Senior Lore-man, Song-man, Elder and Ngarrangetta of the Wurundjeri-Wilam Clan - the Yarra-Yarra Clan, Wurundjeri Tribe.

Through her maternal grandmother - Simone is the great-granddaughter to Yarmuk Clements who is granddaughter of Yorta-Yorta Senior Leader known as King Billy of Ulupna.


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