Preventing Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts and Tribunals

Prevention of sexual harassment is an absolute priority for the Courts, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and Court Services Victoria.

In response to the Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts, Court Services Victoria is continuing to build a better culture by acknowledging the harm that has occurred, speaking up about the importance of creating safe and respectful workplaces, and providing a supportive environment for people who experience or witness sexual harassment.

As a demonstration of the commitment of Chief Justice Ferguson and the Courts Council, the Chief Justice said on the release of the Review:


"Sexual harassment is harmful, unlawful, and wrong. It goes against everything our justice system is built on. I want to make it clear we will not put up with any form of wrongful conduct in our courts or VCAT. There will be zero tolerance for sexual harassment."


You can watch the whole statement from the Chief Justice in the following video:


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