Release of Sexual Harassment Survey Findings

The Review into Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts recommended that Court Services Victoria conduct an annual anonymous survey of all court and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) user groups to track progress on incidents of sexual harassment, reporting of incidents and action by bystanders in the courts and VCAT. 

The survey, which was released to all employees, judicial officers and VCAT members in August 2022, examined: 

  • the prevalence of sexual harassment  
  • the nature of sexual harassment  
  • the reporting by both victims and witnesses, and  
  • the training, reporting and complaints handling processes. 

The survey findings, released in April 2023, and an update about our response can be found here.  

The findings provide Court Services Victoria with further insight into the impact of the work that has been done to implement the recommendations of the Review and will inform ongoing efforts to eliminate sexual harassment from court and tribunal workplaces. 

Message from the Chief Justice 

A message in response to the survey findings from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria and Chair of Courts Council, Anne Ferguson, on behalf of the Victorian courts and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal is available to download - 

Sexual Harassment Review Report Card 

We remain committed to delivering on the Review's recommendations, and to transparency about the progress we have made and what we continue to do to respond to and prevent sexual harassment. 

Of the 16 recommendations directed to Court Services Victoria, Heads of Jurisdiction, the Judicial College and Judicial Commission, 12 are complete and 4 are ongoing or in progress. 

A Report Card detailing our progress against these 16 recommendations is available on this website. 

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