DMDU Artwork by Simone Thomson

Dhumba Murmuk Djerring

'Speaking and Working Together'

Wurundjeri language

The Victorian courts and tribunals system is varied and each jurisdiction has their own policies, procedures and programs. The Court Services Victoria Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (Koori) Unit was established to give advice and guidance across the jurisdictions on the best ways to provide culturally responsive services to the Victorian Koori Community.

As a coordinating mechanism that is part of Court Services Victoria, the Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (Koori) Unit ensures all jurisdictions have the policies and tools they need to deliver appropriate services to the Koori Community in line with the CSV Self-determination Plan 2020-2024.

The aim of the Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (Koori) Unit is to support the jurisdictions in strengthening the four enablers of self-determination:

  1. Prioritise culture
  2. Address trauma and support healing
  3. Address racism and promote cultural safety
  4. Transfer power and resources to Community


Courts and tribunals

Each jurisdiction works with the Koori Community in different ways - use the links below to find out more about the services available at each court and VCAT.


Policies and Programs

The Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (Koori) Unit is committed to transforming court and tribunal systems and service delivery so that Aboriginal Victorians can be part of the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

The unit is part of one of the largest responding agencies to the Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA) and functions as the Secretariat of the AJA Aboriginal Justice Forum. It supports the development, implementation and evaluation of Koori programs and policies across the courts and VCAT, and assists all jurisdictions when collecting Koori data. 



The Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (Koori) Unit have ongoing consultations with Community when developing policies and programs, and the Unit welcomes contributions and feedback. To find out how you can be involved in strengthening self-determination across the Courts Group please email our team at



From the seeds of the Manna Gum sprouts a tall proud scar tree. In the Woi-Wurrung language, "Wurun' means 'Manna Gumtree' and 'Djeri' means the white grub that lives in the tree, the witchetty grub. The vibrant gum leaves represent Wurundjeri Country, the traditional lands on which the Dhumba Murmuk Djerring Unit is based on in the Kulin Nation. 

The name of the Court Services Victoria Koori Unit, Dhumba Murmuk Djerring (phonetically: D-humBa MooRa-mooK JEE-ring) is derived from the language of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. The meaning of these words is "speaking and working together" and were provided to Court Services Victoria through the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation.

Read more about the Artwork and artist, Simone Thomson on the DMD Artwork page.


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