Expression of Interest: First Nations Artwork (Wyndham Law Courts)

Render of the Wyndham Law Courts, Wintergarden


Our future state-of-the-art court facility in Melbourne's rapidly growing West, the Wyndham Law Courts, will improve cultural safety for those accessing justice services and is due to be completed in 2025.

We are seeking expressions of interest from Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung and First Peoples artists/creatives for multiple cultural design opportunities that reflect culture and language within and around the future courts. 

The themes explored include:


Healing: The landscape in Werribee holds significant healing attributes for the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung people. The land, its flora, and fauna have been historically utilized for medicinal purposes, fostering physical and spiritual healing. Certain plants, trees, and natural features hold traditional healing properties, connecting the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung to their ancestral practices.


Respite: Within the Werribee landscape, there are serene and tranquil spaces that offer respite. These areas might include natural water sources, shaded groves, or open plains, providing spaces for contemplation and relaxation. For the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung, these spots could have served as gathering places for community discussions or personal reflection.


Transition and Growth: The landscape in Werribee, with its diverse ecosystems and seasonal changes, reflects transitions and growth. The Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung might associate specific areas with transitions in seasons, marking periods for ceremonies, hunting, or gathering. The land's cyclical changes also symbolize personal growth and communal development.


Cultural and Emotional Safety: Certain geographical features might have provided a sense of cultural and emotional safety for the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung. Caves, high grounds, or other specific sites might have been considered sacred or spiritually significant, offering a safe space for cultural practices and ceremonies.


Connection: The Werribee landscape represents a profound connection for the Bunurong with their ancestors, traditions, and Dreaming stories. Specific landmarks, waterways, and land formations hold deep spiritual connections, forming an intrinsic part of the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung's identity and cultural heritage.


Lore: The landscape is intertwined with Bunurong lore, embedded within stories passed down through generations. Each rock, hill, or watercourse carries its own narrative, preserving the lore and wisdom of the Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung people.


Reflection: The Werribee landscape, with its vast plains, rivers, and hills, offers a canvas for personal and communal reflection. The Bunurong/Boonwurrung/Bunwurung might have used these spaces for storytelling, passing down knowledge, and reflecting on their history and connection to the land.


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