Juries Victoria launch new website


Juries Victoria has launched a new website, juriesvictoria.vic.gov.au
All information about jury service that was on the Court Services Victoria website is now only available on juriesvictoria.vic.gov.au

The new website continues Juries Victoria's focus on community engagement, public awareness, and embedding a citizen-centric approach to all processes. It brings together in one place all information on juries and jury service in Victoria, making it easier than ever before for Victorian citizens to engage with and learn about the jury system. 
The new website aims to assist potential jurors and their employers to find information specific to each stage of the jury process. In addition, it will be a useful resource for teachers and others with a general interest in learning more about this aspect of the justice system. 
Juries Victoria intends the website to also serve as a platform to assist in creating a world-leading, best-practice jury system in Victoria, and sits alongside a number of other initiatives in pursuit of this aim. 
For further information on the Victorian jury system, the new website, and other projects being undertaken by Juries Victoria, visit juriesvictoria.vic.gov.au.

This page was last updated: Wednesday 5 June 2019 - 12:55pm